Event DateApptEvent Name
12/15/2018   Winter Wonderland Tours
2/23/2019   Atlanta Radio Theatre Company Live Radio Drama
2/23/2019   Meet Jim McDowell, “The Black Potter”
2/24/2019   Afrocentric Fabric History and Design
2/25/2019   Dual Enrollment – Earn FREE College Credit in High School
2/26/2019   Power Networking Lunch
2/27/2019   International Engagement Breakfast
2/28/2019   Commercial Real Estate Roundtable
3/2/2019   Ribbon Cutting - Redline Athletics
3/3/2019   Meet the Author: Jonathan Putnam
3/5/2019   Lunch and Learn - Moving Tools for Seniors
3/5/2019   Lunch and Learn - Moving Tools for Seniors
3/6/2019   The Gottman Way to Positive Relationship Dynamics
3/8/2019   Celebration of Excellence
3/9/2019   Drug Awareness for Families
3/12/2019   Power Networking Lunch
3/12/2019   Making a More Sustainable Gwinnett
3/13/2019   Ribbon Cutting - Elevation Rehabilitative Massage
3/13/2019   Tracing Your Roots: A Genealogy Workshop
3/13/2019   Veterans Roundtable Monthly Meeting
3/14/2019   LEAP (Ladies of Excellence and Partnership) Networking Breakfast
3/14/2019   Water Workshop: Fix-a-Leak
3/19/2019   BAR Leadership Retreat
3/21/2019   How Journalists and the Public Shape Our Democracy
3/26/2019   Power Networking Lunch
3/27/2019   Quarterly Manufacturing Society Breakfast
3/27/2019   Goodwill Youth Spring Job Fair
3/29/2019   Emergency Preparedness Class
3/30/2019   Atlanta Radio Theatre Company Live Radio Drama
4/9/2019   Power Networking Lunch


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